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Carlino ‘Aviator’

Carlino Aviator Jacket is a handmade luxury real leather Jacket designed to be your pride and joy in all settings.

Made from high grain sheepskin leather, We have left on stone unturned to offer you the comfort and style you deserve.

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Carlino ‘Tornado Racer’

Tornado Racer is our take on the 1960s original Café Racer Style Jacket. Made by our Master-craftsmen, this jacket is the ultimate “cool guy” jackets, which provides you with a nice snug fitting, with a short banded collar.

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Carlino ‘biker cowboy’

Biker Cowboy is your perfect Brando style jacket. There are few modern men’s garments so undeniably iconic as this leather jacket.

This handmade jacket upholds the fine balance between a fresh style and a vintage idea. In the world of fashion, no jacket discussion is complete without bringing up this lovely creation.


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Carlino ‘Quilted Real Leather Jacket’

Embrace your bold side with this premium Leather Jacket. This uptrend jacket is perfect fit for any occasion.

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